As you can see, the results of electrolysis are effective and safe on any area of the body, and all skins types.
    Imagine, never having to shave or wax your bikini line or underarms again.  Say goodbye to the razor bumps,
    unsightly stubble and suffering with the pain of ingrown hairs.  Walk away from the endless embarrassment 
    of shaving, waxing, and tweezing.  Call for your free consultation appointment today.  Together, we can conquer
    the unwanted hair growth you've been struggling with for so long, once and for all.
 Finally, the solution you've been waiting for!  Enjoy the results that will last a lifetime!
         Before            Side Burns        After
   Before      Chin & Lip        After
       Before     Neck & Side Burn      After
                Before        Tummy          After
              Before                Bikini Line             After
  Before     Toes      After
           Before             Forearms            After
      Before      Underarms     After
          Before            Hands & Fingers        After
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