Your First Visit

  Donna's focus has always been to enable the client to confront the  challenges of their         unwanted hair growth directly.  She has a deep understanding that sometimes clients         may need emotional support as well as expert care.
  After obtaining a detailed case history, an appointment schedule is designed especially for   you.  A commitment to the treatment plan is necessary to achieve completion of this goal   successfully.  This joint effort provides an opportunity to replace feelings of insecurity and 
Electrolysis by Donna

  The skin, once covered with unsightly hair, damaged from shaving, waxing and over tweezing is transformed into            healthy radiant skin.  Now, instead of being distracted by the unwanted hair growth, you will be able to project a            personality that is more empowered and relaxed to the world around you.

  Here's what to expect when you visit:
  •   An elegant, comfortable and totally private waiting area.
  •   Cutting-edge hair removal procedures backed by the latest in electrolysis technology.
  •   Emotional support and expert advice on how to deal with your condition.
  •   Complete confidentiality and privacy.
  •   Cost-effective treatments designed for your individual needs.
  •   Reassurance that all CDC sterilization requirements are being followed.
  •   Most importantly, the Center of Disease Control has certified that Electrolysis is the 
                                           " Only Permanent Method of Destroying Unwanted Hair " .
  embarrassment with a new body image that is both hairless and confident.
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