About Electrolysis

 Electrolysis is the science of permanent hair removal.  Using state-of- the -art          technology, an impulse is directed to the base of the hair follicle.  This process        destroys the hair growth tissue.  Once these cells are destroyed, it is impossible        for any hair to be produced from that follicle.  There are three modalities used        in the practice of electrolysis:

     Galvanic:   Galvanic or electrolysis is a chemical process using a split second of                           electric current.  This electric current reacts with the salt naturally                             produced by the body.  The electrologist is able to direct the current so                       that the cells  producing that hair are destroyed. 

     Thermolysis:  Thermolysis or short-wave creates heat.  A split-second impulse of                            high frequency sound waves is applied at the base of the hair root,                            using one very fine sterile needle creating heat, which destroys the                            regenerative cells. 

 Thermolysis has been my method of choice for more than 25 years.

     Blend:  The blend modality combines Galvanic with Thermolysis. 

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    Electrolysis by Donna