What About Laser?

   In past few years,  many laser hair removal services have opened which have offered promises of great results and varying prices.  
  Unfortunately, they fail to mention that laser hair removal is severely limited in its ability to remove hair and for many people, is not            an option at all.

   Laser devices, rely on the dark pigment of the hair to attract the laser energy.  For those who have dark  pigmented skin and hair, the
   risk of being burned by the laser is increased.  Since the finer, lighter hair on light pigmented skin has no contrast to attract the laser
   beam, the results are sub-par at best.  It is also possible, in some cases, that a hyper-pigmentation (lightening) or hypo-pigmentation 
   (darkening) of the skin, can occur.     
 This effect may remain permanent.

   Estimates by the Mayo Clinic  state that hair counts  can be reduced by only 40-80%.  Therefore, the F.D.A.  has classified laser hair              removal as a temporary method of  hair reduction, and not permanent.
   Electrolysis is still the only method classified by the F.D.A to permanently eliminate  the ability for a hair to grow.

 Electrolysis remains the Gold Standard against which all other hair removal methods are measured.

  Since 1875 electrolysis has proven time and time again that it achieves a permanent result that will last for a lifetime.

"Destroy the Root Forever!"

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